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  • 1968 Radio Airchecksbooster shot covid vaccine qatar; new breast cancer treatment breakthrough 2020; final fantasy tactics initial release date; hilton richmond downtown. Firesign Theatre were the weekly set pieces, such as this episode from January 1968, featuring A Life In The Day – a sendup on FCC Chairman Newton Minnow’s denunciation of then-current American Television as “the vast wasteland”, with a “typical day in the life of TV“. * Bob Walker - Aircheck 1968 (11:57) * Bob Walker - Aircheck October 6, 1968 (10:47) It's a WTIX Golden Weekend on a Sunday Night. Radio Caca is the exclusive manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and DeFi+GameFi vehicle for The USM Metaverse. Radio is unique in that, unlike other media forms, there is no easy access to old music radio shows. Back in 1968, Radio 11 WBAL got a Heller jingle package and that is what is contained on this CD; audio quality is very good; there are 26 cuts and the running time is 7:37; it includes news & sports intros. 1960s 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1964 1963 1962 1961 1960. In a world of unskippable ads, KHJ Radio set the tone and mood for Tarantino’s movie, and the. Match Song to Artist - US Top 15 of 1967 15 questions. Here is an aircheck of a legal ID. Bob Eubanks was a young deejay hired from KACY in Oxnard, California to fill the midnight to 6am shift, where he began to develop his warm, upbeat on-air delivery. Here’s a terrific inside studio look at New York City’s legendary progressive rock station WNEW-FM. Fortunately, it included a page packed with airchecks and other audio material, and after the site became defunct its archived pages remained at the National Library of Australia's Pandora archive. searching for KHJ 419 found (422 total) alternate case: kHJ KHJ (AM) (2,831 words) exact match in snippet view article KHJ (930 AM) is a commercial radio station that is licensed to Los Angeles, California. Milwaukee radio: a retrospective. If you listened from 1968-1973, you heard all the top brands:Camel,(Walk A Mile for a Camel)Marlboro,(The famous Marlbaro Man)Kent. Mark Punter Mar 16th 2022 (3'44) Added Mar 14th 2022. Top 100 of 1968 (Special thanks to Davy Jones for the audio above). 1961-1968 Scope and Contents News Archives ; News Master 1967-68 ; KSFO News Special Report- Corte Madera Holdup/Shooting 10/19/61 ; KSFO News Rapid Transit 7/24/62 ; Kennedy Assassination Coverage 11/22/63 ; Bogges aircheck ; …. More classic Detroit radio airchecks will be added to this page. com / Historic Minneapolis St. The link below lays the airchecks out for you by year and DJ. And, as the cover to this amazing collection of radio airchecks also Phillips, like Freed, flamed out early at 42 in 1968. Radio 1968 Airchecks About Airchecks Radio 1968 Martin Luther King, the apostle of non-violence in the civil rights movement, has been shot to death in Memphis, Tennessee," Cronkite said. Morgan 58:30 KHJ 1968-09 The Real Don Steele 1:08:13 KHJ 1968-09-28 Humble Harve 44:29. Sep 20, 2010 · 5KA Adelaide: 1968 airchecks. The station is owned by Clear Channel Communications. Wolfman Jack on XERB — March 30, 1971. So entschied sich das Management, Radio Luxembourg in stereo über Satellit auszustrahlen (ab 1990 - erstmals mit 24-Stunden-Programm) und die Frequenz 1440 abzugeben (30. The night this was recorded, WPTR was subject to fading and a bit of interference from another station at times in the background. 1968/June 15, 1968 (Restored Unscoped) Sep 25, 2020 09/20. Morgan, who would say their piece and get out. mp3: 4:38: 4456698: 128: Radio & TV Commercials - Hanson Parody - Sprite. Search: Aircheck Radio Examples. Download Part 3 13:13 - 4650 KB. Radio airchecks from the 1960s through 1980s from DJs and radio personalities that inspired me to get into radio, from Ron Britain at WCFL to Jack Armstrong at WKBW. KTNT-TV (KSTW before 1974) was Seattle's first CBS affiliate from 1953-1958 when KIRO-TV went on and took away the affiliation. If you have any surveys that you'd like to share with us, please contact us at: [email protected] Besides airing popular music, jazz, and nostalgia, KSFO provided the San Francisco Bay Area with news, sports, and other. I was attending a Catholic high school away from home (Portsmouth Abbey in RI; I was from Chicago), and. com is an excellent resource for radio airchecks. WVON 1450 Chicago - Bill “Butterball” Crane - December 1968 This aircheck featured Chicago’s longtime R&B station, 1450 WVON. KRLA launched its final Valentine . There are many different levels to listen to in the WABC Airchecks. This site is dedicated to the spirit and memories of this most extraordinary station. After the composites and documentaries, airchecks are grouped by on-air Here's one of Rich Gimmel's first WAKY newscasts (March 1968). The early 20th century brought the first radio stations to the Dallas-Fort Worth area: KFJZ (with roots dating back to 1917,) WRR (in 1920,) WPA, WBAP and WFAA (all in 1922,) and the rest is history (well, almost!) AM started out as a freewheeling, 'throw up a transmitter and go with it' gamut of radio waves in its earliest days, with a couple. The first 4 hours of this aircheck are "Alt", then the station goes into a commercial break and comes back as "Dave FM". I started listening to AFN Bremerhaven in 64 and stayed with the station till closedown in 93. In January 1967 he moved to Ft. Stream Radio Luxembourg nightly closedown 1968 by Transdiffusion on desktop and mobile. Bob Lang in the KTRB Studios in 1969, looking good, sounding good but broke. Kennedy in 1968, as heard on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Most Russian-speakers are bilingual but generally prefer to speak their native language at home, and turn to Russian-language media for the latest news and information. Louis Star-Times publisher Elzey Roberts had ties with radio station WIL in 1925, but quickly disposed of that interest, according to a 1970. godine jer je po Zakonu o informisanju morao da se privatizuje, ali za privatizaciju nije bio ni oglašen. 9 R8 Generate Ka-Radio History: Used hardware. KFWB 1968-01-11 Joe Yokum to Gene Weed (1-2) 1:03:04, (2-2) 60:19. KFWB was a leading top 40 station at 980 AM in the early sixties but began to become overshadowed by other AM top 40 giants KRLA and KHJ in the mid-sixties. -Co-hosted the news/talk show, The Bay Today, weekdays from 5-9am. Reader Jerry Karson sent in these wonderful old WJAC AM airchecks from 1970: Radio Fans - Time for another blast from the past. George Opra, the night switchboard operator, reports that Sean does head stands before and during his show to help him think. WLS Phil Duncan Aircheck 8/23/89 Phil Duncan Plays the Last Song on WLS (1:14) from Scott Childers WLS History WLS 1974 Composite Bob Sirott, John Landecker, Steve King,Yvonne Daniels Fred Winston & JJ Jeffrey (25:46) WLS March 1977 Composite Larry Lujack, Bob Sirott, John Landecker (43:40) WLS July 1980 Composite. When I started listening to WQAM in 1962, PAMS Series 15, 17 and 18 were in use along with R. 1MB Edgewater Park Spot 489KB Bill Garcia 11/70 2. He sifted through 17 hours of airchecks to find the tracks he wanted to put in the film. Airchecks are samples of old radio recordings, with the music cut out. bbc radio comedy shows 1960sglitter eyeshadow look. Rock Radio Scrapbook: 1961 airchecks Rock Radio Scrapbook: Airchecks 1963 Rock Radio Scrapbook: Airchecks 1965 Rock Radio Scrapbook: 1969 airchecks The CHUM Chart was a ranking of top 30 (and, until August 1968, the top 50) songs on Toronto, Canada, radio station CHUM 1050 AM, from 1957 to 1986, and was the longest-running Top 40 chart in. You virtually had to shoot someone to get sent off back then. It offered old airchecks plus guest appearances by WCBS-FM colleagues Don K. 5 Rock ‘N Stereo MP3 US Dick Summer 4/13/73 31m. Download It!:28 - 162 KB: Weird Beard rocks the Derby City in 1968. FM radio, though sounding a million times better, was largely the domain of those with high-priced audio equipment who weren’t exactly fans of Rock n’ Roll. Paul) Radio Stations, Some Recorded Off The Air by Rick Burnett and Many Others Recorded or Provided by Other Contributors to This Site (see footnote at bottom). KNEW Radio The AM 910 Collection 1966-2011 Oakland, California KNEW Programming Schedule (December 1978) 1968. Summer August & September 1968 Golden Hits Top 40/Oldies/Classic Rock On San Francisco Is Hot Weather. • ReelRadio , a radio-streaming site dedicated to historical "aircheck" demos, has come under fire from the Recording Industry Association of America, igniting a licensing squabble that places the site's. Aircheck recording of KMPX San Francisco (August 27, 1968). Joske's Houston radio advertisement (1968) This radio advertisement was recorded in August of 1968 from Houston radio station, K I L T. Recorded by John Johnson while in Spain. 1965 "Kelly" Bob Shannon including jingles, commercials and news with Stan Turner - 22 MB (provided by Bob Shannon). on the aircheck below (I picked the photo because the studio equipment was period-correct for live operated FM radio stations of 1968. Would you like to hear 1, from Dec 1968 after Apollo 8 just before the New Year 2. During 2014 we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on American radio. This is not a real aircheck! 1968 Woodrow Wilson High School Graduation wwhs_1968_graduation. About Airchecks Radio 1968 Bob Eubanks was a young deejay hired from KACY in Oxnard, California to fill the midnight to 6am shift, where he began to develop his warm, upbeat on-air delivery. CFUN-AM Radio Aircheck (December 24, 1976) Little House on the Prarie - Christmas Episode (1974) Are You Being Served - Christmas Episode (1974) Monitor - Christmas Episode (1961) The Perry Como Show (December 24, 1952) The Gary Owens Christmas Outtake (1975) The Flintstones - Christmas Episode (1964) Super Password - Christmas Episode (1984). Tap on the "Play" button above to hear a sample! Allan Freed (WJW/Cleveland, 1954). I dont know if "Cindy" was an on air personality, but she …. Saturday, November 2, 1968 Contributed by Rob Frankel Rob Frankel, a contributor to this site, has long been engaged in restoring old airchecks by putting back the music removed from scoped recordings. Late Jan-Early Feb, 1968, 39:27 Doing a show for Armed Forces Radio, 36:46 . WVON featured great air personalities like. * Bob Walker - Sonovox Name Shout 1969. Some of them just include the D. of 1991 finished broadcasting on the famous wave on 208 meters (1440Khz) and simultaneously broadcast stereo radio programs via the Astra satellite …. Print media like old books, magazines, comics, and newspapers can be purchased from specialty stores or kept in libraries for viewing. ABC Contemporary Radio [New York] 1974-1983 - correspondent. , please send me an e-mail at [email protected] Aircheck: ABC, 6/5/1968 – A Slice Of Big Pauly. 18 – 29 December 1991 – this is a selection of short audio excerpts. ] From 1970 to 1988, Casey Kasem (aka Shaggy on Scooby-Doo) hosted a weekly radio countdown program featuring the week’s top 40 songs. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Jordan Matthews fumbles trying to extend for the first down, New York Jets recover. Billboard is an American entertainment and music magazine. The station ruled New York’s album-oriented rock audiences from the late 1960s through the 1980s. Portland's Radio Days (from pdxhistory. com: WABC Musicradio Airchecks All Known Radio Shows MP3 DVD [189] - 9. Although WKBW Radio went though several different programming formats, the rock 'n roll format from 1958 to 1988 was especially cherished by its fans. Los Angeles; Black Radio Month; Articles. The Names of Boston Radio cdv0207. CKLW 1968 BIG 30 RECORDS “The listing of records herein is the opinion of CKLW based on its survey of record sales, listener requests and CKLW’s judgement of the record’s appeal. Keep this in mind when listening to old airchecks: The audio for both AM and FM radio was nearly as good in the 60's as it is now. StreamS HiFi Radio is a universal app for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV and supports Apple Car Play so you can concentrate on driving while listening. FMQB acronym stands for "Friday Morning Quarterback". With the departure of Fred Winston, 30 year veteran of KYW Don Lancer steps in to Syracuse Night Time Radio. Historic KDWB AM FM Radio Airchecks Recordings. WQAM Jingles Needed I am desperately looking for the following WQAM jingle packages: • Ullman "One-derful" Series • Pepper Fun Series • CRC Series 34 Holiday Series • Futursonic Time and Temperature Jingles • PAMS Series 25D "Cheerleaders" - Male Vocals • PAMS Series 17 and 18 - Instrumental Cuts • A 1963 package by a group called the Skipjacks It was a complete set of. Falling into radio just means I told. Topics: Johnnie Walker, Radio Caroline, 1968, pirate radio. were just a few of the clear channel stations that would beam in. View this Used 2018 Ram 2500 Lone Star from Helfman Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Houston, TX. 1 MHz) is a commercial FM radio station licensed to Minneapolis and serving the Minneapolis-St. Music from New York: I have two Les Marshak hosting music from New York on Dec 3 and the other Dec 4, 1968. com, SWLing Post Pirate Radio Airchecks 69 69. WIRK West Palm Beach, “WIRK”(1290) Top 40 5/68 20 min. KHJ AND WABC AIRCHECKS (RADIO). Gene Sculatti is the creator of The Catalog Of Cool, and co-hosted and produced “The Cool And. fred ronald "ron" lundy (june 25, 1934 - march 15, 2010) was a popular radio announcer in new york city from the mid 1960s wabc january, 1967 1969 composite: herb oscar anderson ron lundy roby yonge dan ingram so enjoy ! the radiomania lundy was born june 25, 1934 in memphis, tennessee, the only child of fred sr. wpbc am/fm airchecks from the first day in 1949 to the final day in 1972 WPBC-AM/FM (980 / 101. These airchecks showcase the great music, that "KASY Kind of Music". 5 debut - Start at final hour countdown mark 7/20/1990 [60 mins, unscoped] cassette/WAV. AIRCHECK: Murray the K's first 1968 WMCA show [restored - mono] Saturday, November 2, 1968. John Landecker's First Radio Words — in high school! (WOIA/Lansing, 1965) * John Landecker (WOIA/Lansing, 1966). Portland Radio slogans, calls and frequencies Craig Adams, local Portland broadcaster, has compiled a neat history of Portland Radio Slogans with call letter meanings and frequencies. In addition, radio receivers and other communications equipment were confiscated from the homes of many Jews. He is outspoken on race and music, blues and rock and roll, critical of the San Francisco music scene, and is hailed as “one of the handful of the world’s finest guitarists. Look around at our website for radio station Surveys, station live streams, use our email to let us know what Old Time Radio airchecks you have. shift and lived in Toronto in the summer of '68 before moving on. It came to air on 14th March 1968 as BBC Radio Stoke-On-Trent. MURRAY THE K Radio Show Broadcast Aircheck CD CDs Sound. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about how the jocks sounded in this era, this is the real deal. With 3000 airchecks online, it would take the better part of a year - maybe more, to listen to everything in the Repository. Dec 3, 2021 - Microphones, Turntables, Radio, Studios & Music. BBC Radio 2 London, UK A/C 2/18/85 45 min. Memorable radio personalities from Cleveland's past. This is an odd aircheck, at least the master was. First, the obvious; if you grew up with WABC or Top 40 radio there is a feeling of nostalgia when you hear things from the past. With the growth of FM radio's popularity and with the coming of satellite based programming, the fate of many of the powerhouse AM radio stations was sealed. The WLS Chicago Radio Tribute Page 1924-1959. THE ROCK-IT RADIO LAUNCHING PAD. WABC-FM 1968-10-20 Sunday Night Radio by RadioMaven77. [0:00:00] "In San Francisco, This is KYA Radio" [beginning cut off]. In fact, that Friday when school got out, I got to attend my class Christmas party in 7th grade. Todd Chase 1968 Aircheck Uncle Ricky's Reel Radio: Bill James KQV News Joe Evelius Collection : George Hart Airchecks George Hart 1974 14K Aircheck (3:12) ^ May 14, 1974 George Hart 1975 Aircheck (8:18) January 16, 1975 George Hart 1975 Aircheck (6:00) June 14, …. Waters (everyone called him Mr. Radiooooo - The Musical Time Machine. CD (1968) 04/13/09 Sorry, this item is no longer available. This site will bring you information and pictures from these two stations KFXM 590 and KMEN 1290. 2022 Broadcasting Obituaries. Radio Station Tributes – Big Apple Airchecks. Radio Shrine: WTIX 690 am Airchecks & Other Audio. Tony's Story > Airchecks > Jingles > Station ID's > DJ Themes > Tony's Radio Friends > Photo Galleries > Brian's Radio World > Congratulations to Tony's son Brian on. 5 MP3 US Dick Summer host "Graffitti" with guest Bruce Bradley 8/12/73 36m. History of Central Florida Radio Stations. That also called for a change in the style of the jocks and their presentation. 1968 Boss Radio Aircheck KYNO Fresno, California By Voice Over - December 26, 2015 0 72 Our friend Steve Bleecker came up with this Early Drake Format…And…A New Guy…BOBBY OCEAN ! KYNO 1300 Fresno – (Bobby Ocean) Johnny Scott – 1968. Are you looking for Radio Program online? Looking for Radio Program or other similiar listings? We catalog a vast mixture of Radio Program, displaying products such as Husqvarna, Tractor Ignition, Tractor, Tractor Tank, plus many more. Here's a cold read by morning announcer Earl Seitz in early 1974 for . Ken Reeth aka Brother Love on his Psychedelic Underground Radio show in 1968. Herb Oscar Anderson ~ Trax & Grooves. We also have a special bonus track of Frank Terry for 26 minutes on this CD also from 4/28/1968 - 75 minutes total of 1968 Southern California Radio!. Jim White Tonight was an announcer at KATI between approximately 1958-60. Bob was a green kid when he joined the staff of KTRB in August 1969. We also talk about radio broadcasting. Baseball and World Series Broadcasts. 103 FM / Non Stop Radio Израиль, Тель-Авив 103 FM. Here's a quickie aircheck of a Weird Beard 1968 pre-recorded show close. Green-Eyed Lady - Sugar Loaf 2 3. History Of Rock ´N´ Roll Radio. Another 47 second (365k; about a minute to download from a 56k modem) from Jay Reynolds, from January 3, 1968. Gary Burbank, born Billy Purser in July 1941, was heard daily on WLW 700 AM in Cincinnati, Ohio, from June 15, 1981 until December 21, 2007. JAY THOMAS POWER 106 KPWR RADIO LOS ANGELES - VIDEO AIRCHECK. 2UE Aircheck : The Stan Zemanek Show final program – December 22nd 2006 Dur: 3 hours, Mono, 84. includes classic real broadcasts and Airchecks from your favorite radio stations in the 1960s. Aircheck: ABC, 6/5/1968 I’ve always felt that the assassination of Robert F. ” _____ PREVIEWED WEEK AUGUST 27-SEPTEMBER 2, 1968. Lots of album cuts, all very heavy progressive rock from 1968. You'll note that if you review the airchecks below. Aircheck, Pirate radio, Radio London 1967-2-4, Unscoped, 1968, pirate radio. Here is a VERY rare WABC-FM aircheck from 1968 featuring Chuck Leonard. A recently-discovered aircheck of the famous Jackson Armstrong on CHUM in July 1968. But a year later, in January 1968, found himself at CKLW, The Big-8 in Windsor, Ontario as Mark Richards. Aircheck: In the spring of 1968, I was cruising our fancy new FM radio and stumbled upon Dave Herman's "Marconi Experiment" and radio suddenly entered the entirely new era of Underground Radio. The link below takes you to 120+ such airchecks ranging from about 30 minutes to well over an hour. Includes a 20-20 Newscast (by Bob Walker), a WTIX. This was in the days when CHUM-FM had a totally free-form format, and was right over the edge. Brock whaley kpoi honolulu radio - dj radio video aircheck. Boston radio station WBCN revolutionized rock radio with its freewheeling format and political activism in the late 1960s and 1970s. Radio Habana Cuba recorded in London, UK on August 24, 2013 at 0043 UTC on the frequency of 6060 kHz using a Tecsun PL-380 radio with its built-in telescopic antenna. old radio shows from the 1970s and 1980s. The last listing in the paper as WMKT was April 11, 1970. It was at Ogden's that fellow student, Shotgun Tom Kelly, gave him the nickname "Radio Rick. He has started to post a large body of such airchecks on Mixcloud. Tony Shepherd Jan 28th 2021 (4'55) Added Jan 26th 2021. The site owner hides the web page description. The Web site, created to recognize Twin Cities stations and personalities from the past and present, contains some 300 posted recordings dating to 1941, with many from the 1970s … Such as old radio airchecks, old radio and TV archives and artifacts! This aircheck is from 1967. I also have available the twelve volumes of American Airchexx Magazine, which debuted in 1976. It serves the Pioneer Valley area of Western Massachusetts and is owned by iHeartMedia. All the sound files are now indexed on this page:. Chris Moyles Mar 17th 2022 (3'38) BBC Radio Suffolk. Rick Dees (WKIX/Raleigh, 1973) — still in college, doing nights!. for HOA 1968; 9 AM: Chuck Dunaway; 10 AM: Chuck Leonard 1975 and aircheck from 1964 . Cleveland radio airchecks. This radio advertisement was recorded in . By September of 1970, he was doing 5-9pm weekdays on CBS-FM when the station had an AOR format. The CHUM Chart was a ranking of top 30 (and, until August 1968, the top 50) songs on Toronto, Canada, radio station CHUM 1050 AM, from 1957 to 1986, and was the longest-running Top 40 chart in the world produced by an individual radio station. We also have available jingle sets, the old Around The Dials and Profiles from, the 1970¥s and 1980¥s and video airchecks. AMERICAN TOP 40 SHOWS with Host Casey Kasem. A funny segment where Bob and Jack trade their worst corny jokes! Aircheck courtesy of Jim Cassell. Joe's Radio Air Check Page. Wolfman Jack on XERB — Summer 1968. Charlie Bush passed away on October 30, 1991. KHJ AND WABC AIRCHECKS (RADIO) Summary. Hear The Voices! Aircheck, for those not familiar with the word, is a term used in radio for a DJ show tape. (I) Started in 1972 and have been there ever since except for a 3 year hiatus in the early 80s when I worked in cable TV on Long Island, doing marketing and even some air work. Sunday, February 1, 2009 The Good Guys-1968. He broke from the station's R&B. Bruce Morrow has been with WABC from 1962 until 1974. hours some Birmingham and Nashville stations would beam in. The clip opens with the network ID by Gary Gears. Our friend Steve Bleecker came up with this. WALL radio was extraordinarily kind of a station from the radio stations I listened to in NYC before moving to Middletown in 1974. They are recordings of radio programs, highlighting the disc jockey and his presentation, the radio station's promotions and audience builders, and just enough of the music to give you an idea of what was on the station's playlist at the time. GENERAL INTEREST RADIO Last update: June 20, 2020. 5 MP3 US Dick Summer host “Graffitti” with guest Bruce Bradley 8/12/73 36m. TIL that Quentin Tarantino dug up and used actual KHJ radio broadcasts from 1968 and 69, along with commercials, for the soundtrack to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. mp3 3:05 WCBS-FM - Dan Ingram 6-17-00 (Summer Songs Weekend). As well, there is a market column to sort stations by market. The Real Don Steele adlı sanatçının Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Radio Aircheck May 25, 1968 parçası hakkında oku, sanat çalışmalarını, şarkı sözlerini ve benzer sanatçıları gör. bbc radio comedy shows 1960s 31 Mar 2022 bbc radio comedy shows 1960s. be) Here is the current updated list with corrections, deletions and additions. Музика, подкасти, шоу і найсвіжіші новини. Saturday Aircheck: Gary Burbank On the Big One WLW. Усі найкращі радіостанції в Україні. FM radio had a clearer signal and higher fidelity than AM and was better suited to this new kind of programming. Air Checks! The air checks below are arranged alphabetically by station call letters (“K” stations . Radio:Aircheck:northeastairchecks. Radio Station Tributes – Big Apple Airchecks. WVON 1450 Chicago - Bill “Butterball” Crane - December 1968 - Radio Aircheck 0:9:45. George Carlin Radio Broadcast (1957) George Carlin Radio Interview (1968) George Carlin's Act - Team of Burns and Carlin (1961) Golden Age of Television Photographs; Lenny Bruce Broadcast Debut (1949) Lenny Bruce's Memorial with Jean Shepherd (1966) Lorne Michaels and Hart Pomerantz (1967). Wolfman Jack on XERB — April 12, 1970 (1) Wolfman Jack on XERB — April 12, 1970 (2) Wolfman Jack on XERB — March 15, 1971. Our correspondent Eric Paulsen takes a gander at nearly a century of radio in Brew City. Some early CHUM-FM airchecks from 1972 and 1973. (remote at auto dealership) These airchecks were contributed by Al Arneson, former basement pirate FM. No one else has a copy of this so far! 13. Very Easy, 15 Qns, jcmttt, Aug 26 21. And there is something from virtually every imaginable place - take this one -49 years ago today - February 19, 1970 - Wayne Thomas - soon to be China Smith - on WGRD Radio in Grand Rapids. Searchable! Amateur Television Quarterly Journal for TV "hams" 1988 to present. These are approximately 90 minutes. Khj Radio Airchecks Still a young medium with lots of new blood entering its doors with a vision for a new kind of radio. Mo­town fin­ished the year 1968 with three con­sec­u­tive #1 records! The last hit was a rereading of the song I Heard It Through The Grapevine which had topped the chart eleven months earlier. 1,474 likes · 10 talking about this. Airchecks capture the essence of a radio station's sound. Especially those 60s recording for me are the best. It is the most popular country station in the area, and often comes in just below area powerhouses KQRS-FM and WCCO in overall ratings. This live show featured WKLO jingles and airchecks, interviews with Mitch Michael and Wild Willy, and lots of local Louisville references. Rare Airchecks-AM-FM Radio shows from the 1960s, 1970s as heard on the radio. KLZ Radio – August 8th, 1970 1. KMPX 1967 KMPX December 9, 1967 KMPX 1968 KSAN I KSAN II KSAN III. Richard Skinner Oct 13th 2009 (6'05) Added Mar 13th 2022. A collection of airchecks (off the air recordings) of many historical radio stations, primarily in the XERB Rosarito BC Mexico (1968). By the time of this aircheck in August of 1968, Boxer is in his final days on Cuff Cuff as rival 1470 CFOX is now the teen buzz for English language Top 40 music in Montreal. BONUS! Wolfman's Last Night on Soul Express XEPRS:. mp3; Mutual Radio newscast, Marshall plane crash mutual_marshall. Herbert Oscar Anderson was born on May 30, 1928, in South Beloit, Illinois. Performing Folk music and comedy as a duo with her husband (whom she met in radio). In 1963, Jim Felton started working in radio at the former WTOL Radio, now WCWA, while still in high school. Best of sovietwave, synthwave, chillwave and electronic music. The commercials and newscast are the only short breaks in the flow of the music. WCFL Chicago; WDHF WMET Chicago; WLS Chicago; WNDR Syracuse; WSYR …. Gone from the weekday schedule was Don McNeill's …. Jun 19, 2019 · Laura Ingraham is a devoted and loving mother of three children who were adopted. Talent: DAN INGRAM Station: WABC New York Date: January 2, 1968. John was at WOLF from May 1967 to January 1968 until he was drafted. You'll hear from other WTMA staff members plus live reports from the CBS Radio Network, including WCBS Radio and TV in New York. If you join the Mr Airchecks page on FB, you'll see that he sometimes makes huge amounts of airchecks available for downloads. 45 Years Ago – 1968 – Sentiment, Sex, and Janis Joplin Posted on September 24, 2013 by irishwriter1 / aka LinDee Rochelle I’ll be trippin’ down Memory Lane at an accelerated rate this week (written Monday, 09/23/13) as I relive the joys and ignore the pain of the next seven days – 45 years ago. WWTC - Deanna Love in June 1979 Jeff Lonto found some more tapes gathering dust and thought the best place to preserve them would be on his Lonto Contribution Page on Twin Cities Radio Airchecks. WABC Rewound - Show #8 - Bruce Morrow (Election Night 1968) On this episode, Cousin Bruce Morrow on WABC from Election Night, 1968. Here's a link to an aircheck of WJAC-AM from 1970. Airchecks The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository Twin Cities Radio Airchecks - Rick Burnett Airchecks and more from the Twin Cities Music Radio 77 Classic Philadelphia Radio. If the slight distortion doesn't bother you, this is a decent quality recording of great historical significance to those who remember the year 1968, or who remember KHJ and miss this great AM radio station. Find all of your favorite Country music meets rock and explodes on FM radio with stars like Reba, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks. 1960s AM Radio Airchecks from 540 to 1600 khz Upload, share, download and embed your videos. Al Tedesco purchased the station in 1968 and operated it as KTCR-FM, mated with its AM sibling of the same name (690 AM). It was first published in November of 1894 as an entertainment publication and is distinguished as being among the oldest trade magazines in the world. Outshoot of the trade magazine which covered the radio and music industries in the United States. Some other older airchecks might have quick dropouts, volume drops, or edits. Radio and Records Magazine Remembers Dave Diamond Radio and Records wrote a nice memory of Diamond’s career. Read Tony's WHCY engineering article in Radio World. Take a stroll through the past, revive some dormant memories and. 0 Citation Staff Only Request Box 4 Special Collections and University Archives Mark Olds Papers (0016) Audio Tapes, 1949-1976 Shelley Pope Aircheck WBOK, June 11-12, 1968 Dates. Charlie Bush – KSTP (1963-81), WCCO-FM (1981-82), WDGY (1982-83), K102 (1983-91). A tribute to the Motor City's Classic Big 8 Radio of the 50's, 60's and 70's! Big 8 Radio brings back the voices you love with Classic Breaks all day: Dave Shafer, Scott Regen, Tom Shannon, Bill Gable, Steve Hunter, Big Jim Edwards, Pat Holiday, Super Max Kinkel and more: including segments featuring the Legendary CK news team with 20/20 News!. The History of Rock and Roll with Gary Theroux Weekdays at 10AM, 3PM and 9PM Music and Jingles LIVE with Jon Wolfert! Sunday at 3PM. Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music. The AFVN motto was "From the Delta to the DMZ. AIRCHECK: Chuck Leonard [restored-mono] WABC-AM 770: Friday, December 27, 1968 (240:00) Contributed by Rob Frankel. John took this photo on October 1, 1968 while in Spain. Dedicated to preserving the Broadcast Heritage of Northeast Ohio. Glenn Miller - Chesterfield Broadcasts: Radio Airchecks From 1940-42 [New CD] Brand New. "Uncle Ricky" currently has over 1100 audio exhibits with descriptive text and comments. The first table is US airchecks, with international airchecks in the second table. Two years later on March 11, 1968 KFWB became an all news station, eventually in the hands of CBS. wwf jobs salary near warsaw; homes for sale mount holly, nc; ffxiv bogatyr healing set. 9 San Francisco 1958-1968 + Norman Corwin Presents + Los Gatos High School Class of 1965 + The Life of Mary Bond Duncan. 01/01/68 - 3:57-Top 100 of 1967: Bob. These are known as 'airchecks'. The Nokia AirScale radio portfolio supports all radio access technologies 2G, 3G, FDD and TDD 4G and 5G, as well as the numerous frequency bands around the world. CKLW – Motor City Radio Flashbacks. KTCZ's transmitter is located on …. Spill The Wine - Eric Burdon & War 4 5. Morgan for KHJ in Los Angeles and Chuck Leonard on WABC in New York. DAN INGRAM 77 WABC AIRCHECK JULY 30, 1973 RADIO SHOW. KHJ 1968-05-27 Charlie Tuna 1:00:19 KHJ 1968-05-27 Robert W. This aircheck features Johnny Scott on KYNO in 1968. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting. The collection also includes Pollard's gospel music television specials, over 50 interviews she conducted with gospel artists and industry figures, airchecks of Pollard's radio program, Strong Inspirations, and radio programs hosted by other …. The first clip is from the progressive free form format of Dearborn . Audio on-the-web is a time intensive and space sensitive issue, so please be patient. The webmaster also does not sell airchecks. When Lesly Simon called about Arista in 2010, it felt like the right time. for ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’. It was January 1968 and change was . Tags: 1968, 93 KHJ, 930 Los Angeles, Big Apple Airchecks, California, J. Donna Frank - Top 102 countdown of 1997. fred ronald "ron" lundy (june 25, 1934 – march 15, 2010) was a popular radio announcer in new york city from the mid 1960s wabc january, 1967 1969 composite: herb oscar anderson ron lundy roby yonge dan ingram so enjoy ! the radiomania lundy was born june 25, 1934 in memphis, tennessee, the only child of fred sr. 1 MB Audio credit: ARN 2SM: Nostradamus I - 1977 Dur: 74'38", Mono, 69. Radio Habana Cuba: August 24, 2013. baseball but fell into radio at 17. The legendary WKNR production and programming ace found a box of cassettes in his vault that yielded these two 1970 Keener gems. com: WABC Radio Airchecks MP3 Collection 1960s-1980s - 75 Hours Of Top 40 Musicradio 77 WABC-AM Radio Shows Broadcasts: Radio MP3s On CDs, DVDs And USB Flash Drives, And As MP3 Downloads. Minnesota/Dakota airchecks. This program consists of air checks from Top 40 radio broadcasts from 1968, with deejays Robert W. There are over 120!! Remember you need to have RealPlayer installed to hear any audio on my site. WDAS Radio 1950 - 1979 Bob Klein began a career of extraordinary contributions to civil rights and broadcasting history when musician, entrepreneur and father-in-law, Max M. 91 FM Lev Ha'medina Израиль, Ришон-ле-Цион 91 FM. Chuck: WLS was (is) a 24 hour a day, 50,000 watt, clear channel, non directional, AM radio station that not only easily covered all of Chicago, but a vast majority of the continental United States and several foreign countries at certain times of the day too. Realistic: super sensitive ten transistor portable radio wit TRF feature. Early Progressive FM Radio Sampler – KZAP Sacramento, KSAN San Francisco | 1968. If you have any WOWO airchecks, jingles or photos, please contact us and share them! Many of the sounds and images on this site have been submitted by visitors like you!. Scott July 05: "Incidental -airchecks" from KSO and KIOA in 1960 -Dic Youngs, Hal Moore,. Explore live radio by rotating the globe. Rob Frankel, a contributor to this site, has long been engaged in restoring old airchecks by putting back the music removed from scoped recordings. In the early 1980's, For a number of years, KTCR-FM was the only stereo country station, and the only 24 hour country station in the Twin Cities. It was also the first time ever (unless some ancient trip is ever unearthed) that man had such a close-up of Earth’s moon. (They Long To Be) Close To You - Carpenters 1 2. Toronto Hit Parade//Top 40 Radio 1950s and 1960s. Rabbitt aircheck clip - 1966 WLCY - Jim Stanley aircheck clip - 1967 WLCY - Jim Stanley promo - 1968 WLCY - Johnny Dart (Stan Grams) remembers Great Tampa Bay's Radio 138 WLCY - 2006 WLCY - Johnny Rebel (Herb Hunt) aircheck clip - 1968 WLCY - Lolita contest promo - 1966 WLCY - Mark Edwards - 1968 WLCY - Mark Wheeler aircheck clip. Play over 265 million tracks for free on . Jay Reynolds behind the mic at WIFE 1310 Indianapolis on 8/8/68/ . Here's a cool New York Times article about an old-school AM 1000-watt radio station out on the East End of Long Island, WRIV - a station so hip, it doesn't even have it's own home page nor much of any kind of authorized presence on the Web! Whee! I found out about the story via a posting on the ever-lively New York Radio Message Board (the mecca of all Internet …. What’s the ideal July 4th present for a Keenerfan? We got it when the red and green VU meter logo of Bob Green Productions graced our mailbox. RADIO DISC JOCKEY may go off-line Dave Diamond 1968 PG 12 min. (What A Good Time For a Kent)Yes,Yes, Yes, such a unique outlet. There is also a collection of WJAC jingles from the 1960's in the second half of the video. TRACK 9 Radio 355 – Aircheck – ‘Broadside Free Radio Movement’ – 1967 TRACK 10 Radio 355 – Aircheck – ‘The World Tomorrow’ Outro – 1967 TRACK 11 Radio England – Aircheck – Roger Day & Alan Black – October 1966 TRACK 12 Radio England – Aircheck – Gary Stevens & ‘Beatles Tour’ – September 1966. Accession 38210, Business records collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. MusicRadio Airchecks-All AM-FM radio shows from all over the USA & Canada on CDs plus sample airchecks on audio player. aircheck WNEW-FM (1982) — A cautionary tale. History and Memories of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Television and Radio from the 1940's-1980's. I am only on #11 and I've already been from 1971 to spring 1969, summer 1968, winter 1975 and currently on a New Year's Day 1978 with legendary DJ B Mitchell Reed. The first two sites below focus of Twin Cities radio stations, while the third is . These airchecks from the summer of 1968 - when music still reigned on AM radio, are unscoped. This includes a WBZ AM newscast from November 13th 1968, and an aircheck of WBZ AM from 02-17-1966. Radio Zrenjanin koji je poslovao kao javno preduzeće sa 30 zaposlenih, posle 36 godina prestao je da emituje program sredinom decembra 2015. In this excerpt, 'Good Guy' Davy Jones formerly of WBZ, Boston in May of '67, counts down the '68 Super Greats'. Four hours of the great and underused Chuck Leonard filling in for Charlie Greer on the overnight show, playing WABC's Top 100 of 1968. Even Though They Usually Pay Very Quickly, This Time There Is A Delay In Payment But They Say The Policy Is 24-48 Hours. how long does castrol edge last; subtotal thyroidectomy medication; is bane of arthropods good against the ender dragon; best glide ultimate adventurer survival kit. 5 FM ROGER CARROLL & 1959 WABC 770 AM ALAN FREED - 2 CD SET. Radio Aircheck - from my radio show March 7 2018 (Radio Video Aircheck) My Name is This is an example of my experience in Radio with WBHV FM State College, All-Hit B94. I have em, I'll edit them vote now in the comments. The station, nicknamed "The Mighty Met" (among other nicknames), was a pioneering station of the "underground" progressive rock format. KRLA launched its final Valentine Art Festival this month in an effort to connect with its more creative listeners. Harry Newman - Emmylou Harris interview 1982 Emmylou Harris is a country music legend and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. 33 Music from 1967 quizzes and 380 Music from 1967 trivia questions. With only 250 watts way up at 1450kHz, WTIX debuted with a 50 share. Airchecks from unauthorized broadcast radio stations throughout the years. The Intro to the Echo of Moscow (Radio M) show in 1990-1991. retired from radio in Scottsdale. On September 24, 2004 the station was WAKY. Weaver joined WMAL in 1942 but was not teamed up with Frank Harden until 1960. Radio Stations, Radio Stations, Mixes, Radio. The station was bought by Westinghouse in 1966. Ambert had served as a bombardier for a B-29 Superfortress in the U. Talent: MURRAY "The K" KAUFMAN Station: WINS New York Date: 1963 Time: 3:02 (Upgraded 3-3-12) Known primarily for his work in New York and Los Angeles, Murray "The K" Kaufman has a Canadian connection. Pleiku Aircheck - 1968 From the Pleiku radio station located at Camp Enari at the base of Dragon Mountain. Waters) bought CHUM in December of 1954 and on May 27, 1957 launched Canada's first full-time rock and roll radio station. 0 Rock Tuneup 145 (CD, 2 Discs, Album Network) Compilation Promo Aircheck 98KUPD: Fixed Price: 9 Hours: $14. This story came from Gordon Atterberry, who was KLAV's chief engineer in the early 1970s. AirChecks - Big Hugh Baby Jarrett - WPLO 12-63. New 1970 Airchecks! July 10, 2008. FM radio, though sounding a million times better, was largely the domain of those with high-priced audio equipment who weren't exactly fans of Rock n' Roll. last update: March 25, 2022 (at “audio collection”) free download:. More recent clips and promos on SoundCloud. StreamS HiFi Radio supports extended HE-AAC so the audio is superb and you use less mobile data. 2UE Aircheck : The Stan Zemanek Show final program - December 22nd 2006 Dur: 3 hours, Mono, 84. Thirty-six from 1969 over 40 1970 a couple dozen each from 1971 and 72, 34 from 1973. He went to WNBC in 1974 until 1977 and lasted 4 years. The transmitter is located in Bauta, Cuba and has a power rating of 100 kW. Dort kann man noch heute das deutsche "RTL Radio - Die besten Hists aller Zeiten" hören. For fans of 60s pop radio, the highlight is a collection of seven airchecks from 1968, representing a day in the life of a commercial radio station. QuickChexx: Mark Allen, 1540 WPTR Albany | June, 1968. Bands; Ensembles; Djs; Clients; About us; bbc radio comedy shows 1960s. The largest vintage television audio archive in the world. WFIL Aircheck Index (Listen To Your Favorite Boss Jock!!) WFIL Jingles (The Song Between The Songs!!) Sounds Of Philadelphia My Favorite Radio-Related Websites. Link Dave Diamond Passes By RBR-TVBR on May, 9 2014; Word has been received that Dave Diamond, one of rock radio’s earliest stars, died recently in Spearfish, South Dakota. 9 Home Radio (DWQZ) has been recorded on April 29, 2020 at 11:02am - 12:03pm PST* during 97. On 29 May 1968, the new WRVA studio, located in historic Church Hill and overlooking Richmond, was dedicated. radiofan Advanced Member Posts: 12148 RADIO WEST HOME PAGE CALGARY BROADCASTERS EDMONTON BROADCASTERS. promotions, and fundraisers, although there are airchecks and other broadcast recordings. Oct 25 KIOA Jun 21, 1967 Sandy Shore and Jim Michaels airchecks. 1966-1967 WOR-FM "The Sound Is" Airchecks The Progressive Rock sound of WOR-FM in its early years. And later in 1970, he was doing weekends on WNEW-FM. YESTERDIAL list of airchecks available corrected to December 2009 (to order please contact us at: [email protected] stations across the country would beam in at night. Chuck Leonard rocks his way through New Years Eve 1968 and rings in the brand new year of 1969. Click above to hear more vintage broadcast radio airchecks from the Reel Radio Repository. How radio ads helped shape Quentin Tarantino’s 1969 L. As a kid, I listened to a lot of urban radio on WUFO and WBLK in Buffalo, and came to really love many "hip" Black DJS. I would particularly like to find any airchecks of Sonny Taylor when he was there (around 1968-69). 9 Home Radio Dear Jamie (Stefans Story: "Gone But Never Forgotten"). 7 was WJER-FM Dover from 1968-2007 and is now WHOF Canton. 3MB Stereo Island Sales Promotion 2. 1968-1972 WOR-FM Drake Airchecks The Drake Top 40 sound of WOR-FM. It was the highlight of 147 KXOA's Billy The Earl's radio career Here's the 8-1-59 KFWB Fab Forty with. Radio Free London, London (offshore Jul 1968-1969, landbased pirate 1969-) Spaldon Maldoon. volkswagen passat pronunciation. This is a bona fide non-profit site and needs your help to stay in existence. Aircheck from Chicago Soul Station 1966. From the early 1950’s up into a few of the early 1970 stations from the Golden Era of Top 40 Radio – Here are the premier and some obscure radio station surveys alphabetically from Michigan thru Nevada. Match Song to Artist - US Top 15 of 1968 15 questions. So here's a real treat folks, an exclusive to Australian Radio Airchecks, this is Norman Banks a couple of weeks before retirement on June 22nd and June 23rd 1978 with his talkback show Open Line on 3AW. Radio Caroline plays music from the past and present on the internet, on DAB in selected UK towns & cities and on 648 AM to South East England, The Netherlands, Belgium and beyond. 99 KLAC 570 AM - MAY 27 2001 - CHICK HEARN - LAKERS vs SPURS - 2 CD - BASKETBALL: Fixed Price: 20 Days: $15. | Created and Hosted by Las Solanas ConsultingLas Solanas Consulting. This has pieces of all the DJ's, including long-time morning host Frank Dell. Some of the original free form jocks were converts from top 40 radio and they were pros ( albeit with a new hippy ethos) and that set them apart from college radio. Choose from hundreds of stations of free internet radio with unlimited skips. Collectors of radio and television airchecks from the years 1965-1985. Radio and Television Airchecks from 1965-1985. Lohman & Barkley KFWB Radio Aircheck, L. In June 1968, 24 year old Allen Shaw was hired from WCFL radio in Chicago, by ABC Radio Stations President, Hal Neal, to program all 7 of the ABC Owned FM Radio Stations in a new album rock format. Joe Dolan interviews former FBI agent Bill Turner about his personal investigation into the assassination of …. intro and some have the actual songs that were played on the radio. Actual Radio Broadcasts (Airchecks) for. One, we keep out of trouble with the RIAA, and 2, we are able to hear more of the announcer and local commercials. It was, however, first and primarily focused on broadcasting, serving and providing top quality current-based popular …. It takes place at the British Consulate Office in Gibraltar. Following test transmissions (as Radio Rupert and Radio 428) in 1969 from the Pyrenees, Radio Geronimo hired airtime in 1970 from Radio Monte Carlo. Rare radio airchecks of Allan Freed, John Records Landecker, Rick Dees, Larry Lujack, The Greaseman, Dan Ingram, Don Imus, Charlie Tuna, The Real Don Steele, Kenny Everett, Gary Burbank. thor's mother norse mythology 31 March 2022. PAGE, Don: KLAC, 1962-63 and 1968-76; KGIL, 1974-75; KFI, 1974-75. catalyzed by Javed Jafri's great thread on WBCN FM Airchecks from 1971, here's a specific callout to another treasure trove of early progressive rock radio airchecks (these are downloadable mp3): Philadelphia's WMMR. mp3: 5:10: 4969957: 128: Radio Jingles WNSR-105 NYC - Century 21 Programming - …. That was a big step; that license allowed announcers to work at any radio station in America. I had suffered through 2 weeks of the Hong Kong Flu before Christmas 1968. AIRCHECK Staffordshire; BBC LOCAL RADIO: BBC Radio Stoke is the local radio service for Stoke, Staffordshire and South Cheshire. CHED Edmonton, AB - CHED Chart - February 19, 1968 CKVN Vancouver - Top 30 - February 19, 1971. Airchecks are short runs of a D. On December 10, 2004 the station was WKLO. 75 11 watchers AFVN Top 100 of 1968 12/31/68 Airchecks Unscoped 4 …. sponsored exclusively by Fall City Beer -- features Milton Metz, Cawood Ledford and Mike James, along with traffic reports from Dick Gilbert. 5 London Final Perfumed Garden 14 08 67 Part 5. FM radio was slowly creeping up on WLS, but the salad days would definitely last into the mid 1980's They are "telescoped", that is, the music and commercials have been edited out so you hear the disc jockey, the jingles, the promos and other items that were unique to WABC Chicago’s Voice of Labor…. Old movies and TV shows continue to be shown on network or cable TV, and can be rented/purchased on tapes or DVD. WIFI-FM experimented with the new format briefly in late 1967, but it was in 1968 when WDAS-FM, the sister station of WDAS-AM, and WMMR adopted the style, also known as “album-oriented” radio, that it gained traction in Philadelphia. Typically, the station is set up so you can put a cassette in a recorder that only turns on when the microphone switch is keyed (in other words, when the …. Articles; Chicago Radio 1975; WCFL WLS. The station is owned and operated by iHeartMedia and has studios and offices on Utica Avenue South in St. These airchecks from the summer of 1968 – when music still reigned on AM radio, are unscoped. radio lai khe Tim Abney 11-12/67 54 (B015) Tim Abney 5/3/68 42 (A144). Radio, aircheck, Top 40, Houston, KILT, Rick Shaw, 10-18-68, 1-30-69, Steve Lundy, 10 18 68, Scoped. Ron Foster on KILT 610 AM Houston from August 1968. Morgan 58:30 KHJ 1968-09 The Real Don Steele 1:08:13 KHJ 1968-09-28 Humble Harve 44:29 DA: 58 PA: 89 MOZ Rank: 49 Purdue Basketball on Radio - Purdue Boilermakers. 5 FM Radio Aircheck (1999) Found a bunch of my old radio airchecks from the late 1990's, when I was an on-air announcer for an adult contemporary FM radio station in Las Vegas, 93 KHJ - Charlie Tuna - 27th May 1968. History of KXOK – Richie Kennedy. Today they are usually in the Top 5 in Baltimore as the leading News/Talk station. You can find more similar and music and audio here - Jim Gates, KATZ Aircheck, September 1968 (Pt. Rick Dees (WSGN/Birmingham, 1974). It was the highlight of 147 KXOA's Billy The Earl's radio careerbut they didn't even give him a stinkin' bumper sticker for the 1972 Pee Green Ford Maverick back in 1972 but they only had about 3 listeners, so who the hell cares?. Leon, made him general manager of Philadelphia’s WDAS Radio in 1951. Radio Lai Khe 05-03-1968 Tim Abney 42 MIN. VOA's Sonny Young delivers an upbeat and lively presentation during his 30 minute. I worked at WDMJ in the 60s while in high school and college. 's KTNQ-AM in 1976? Or a 1969 date with Happy Hare on KCBQ-AM in San Diego? They're all on California Aircheck's 60-and 90-minute tapes, priced at $11 apiece. Our hand-crafted oldies radio channels showcase the rock and pop hits of yesteryear. The Real Don Steele - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Radio Aircheck May 25, 1968 Best Radio Brasil - Programa Conversa Fiada - 27/10/2015 Dave Shafer Mornings CKLW June 7, 1967. WTIX-AM, New Orleans, LA, 1968, Skip Broussard (External Link - John Weeks) . Voice Over - December 26, 2015. mp3: 0:40: 653398: 128: Radio Delmare SOS Mayday 11-sep 1978.